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* NEWS FLASH July 2020 *

The Diamond Spirits Award is an international event to select the best spirits. It is currently not foreseeable when it will continue in 2021. The burden on our manufacturers are currently too enormous to bear. We do not want to burden them additionally. Furthermore the safety and international variety of the tasters is just as important to us. Therefore, we ask for your patience. #Drinkresponsibly #Wearamask #Stayhealthy

Update March 2020: The Corona topic is now also affecting our distillers and we are therefore canceling the event for 2020. After consultation with tasters and some distillers, we consider it sensible and appropriate to suspend this event. We wish everyone health and a lot of strength for the respective challenges that must be tackled in the next few months. We will commence in 2021!

Your Diamond Spirits Award Team

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Over 160 entries from 20 countries reached us for our Premiere. Entries from as far as Mexico, Brazil, India, China etc. We thank you for you trust!